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I trace the evolution of the air interface of wireless systems from 2g gsm, cdmais95 through 3g and lte to lteadvanced. The air interface is a key area of standardization that permits global compatibility. Lucent technologies proprietary 1 objectives describe the requirements and drivers behinds the wcdma air. The training presents functionality related with the use of r99 dedicated channels, as well as, hspa. In addition to wcdma, the other air interfaces that can be used to provide third generation. It explains essential topics from basic performance measurement counters, radio quality and user plane quality to the standards, architecture, objectives and functions of the different interfaces. The global system for mobile communications gsm is a wellestablished technology providing a near global standard for a secondgeneration cellular telecommunication system. The um interface is the air interface for the gsm mobile telephone standard.

Baseband 52165212 handling 3 days, lzu1082172 wcdma ran evoc 8200 troubleshooting 3 days, lzu1089165. Wcdma air interface fundamentals telecommunications. Nokia has launched new endtoend slicing network functionality for 4g and 5g new radio nr. In particular, the focus of the book is the radio interface, from the physical layer through to the upper layers of the nonaccess stratum. Each element and air interface of the utran is briefly. Wideband code division multiple access wcdma is the physical layer used for universal terrestrial radio access utra fdd mode.

This article lets you know about the short description in master switching center and also about the description of air interface in gsm network. The physical characteristics of the airinterface are particularly important for the quality and success of a new mobile standard. Although 3g umts uses a totally different radio access standard, the core network is the same as that used for gprs and edge to carry separate circuit switched. Wcdma air interface has been crafted in such a way that advanced cdma. Introduction the airinterface is the central interface of every mobile system and typically the only one to which a customer is exposed. Wcdma mobility troubleshooting studies and enhancements core. Wcdma air interface 20 enlzt 123 7279 r4a human speech is made up of two types of sounds. Since, the evolution of 5g is still under discussion within academiaindustry, we plan to identify different areas in which different members of the alliance create projects. The training focuses on physical layer operation and procedures and other functions closely related with the physical layer.

The code compiles with standard gnu toolchain that comes with linux. Within 3gpp, wcdma is called utra universal terrestrial radio access, fdd frequency division duplex and tdd time. A knowledge of the structure and usage of the physical channels in the downlink and uplink directions, together with a knowledge of spreading and modulation, provides a good background for understanding how the wcdma radio network works. Relay transmission may interfere with its reception on the same frequency avoided using time sharing donor does. Lte air interface lte is 3gpps long term evolution lte.

Using open air interface, sdr hardware and openepc core to. Lte uses orthogonal frequency division multiple access ofdma for downlink transmission to achieve high peak data rates in high spectrum bandwidth. The physical layer is expected to perform the following functions in order to provide the data transport service. Wcdma power control with the long geosatellite round. The air interface, or access mode, is the communication link between the two stations in mobile or wireless communication. Tdcdma, tdscdma, or other 3gppapproved, air interface that uses. This course will cover the major aspects of the lte air interface in a manner that both technical and nontechnical people will be able to fully appreciate. Lucent technologies proprietary 1 wcdma air interface fundamentals prepared by. A comprehensive reference on the call procedures of 4g ran and core networks, lte signaling, troubleshooting and optimization describes the protocols and procedures of lte. Ltes air radio interface is based on ofdmascfdma technology. Cdma 1x air interface free download as powerpoint presentation. Feasibility study of a wcdma direct airtoground link in. The wcdma specification has been created in 3gpp the 3 rd generation partnership project, which is the joint standardization project from europe, japan, korea, the usa and china. Much of the gain in data rates has been achieved on the back read more.

Wcdma and lte synchronization aspects chronos technology. Files commits branches tags contributors graph compare charts wiki wiki members members collapse sidebar close sidebar. Using open air interface, sdr hardware and openepc core to create an endtoend experiment in phantomnet overview this tutorial will walk you through steps to create an endtoend lteepc network using softwaredefined radio sdr enodeb running open air interface software and usrp b210 rf hardware and an openepc core instance. The solution will support connectivity from 4g and 5g devices over the sliced network to applications running in. Pdf wcdma system standardization, interfaces and power control. It is the interface between the mobile station ms and the base transceiver station bts. Cdma 1x air interface telecommunications internet protocols.

This feature requires no change to the air interface, which implies no impact to the ue. Understanding the wcdma radio interface is essential for engineers dealing with umts radio networks. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. The gsm air interface is described here, first in general terms, examining the channels used by the mobile and the network to establish communications, then with increasing detail, the procedures and messages exchanged between the peer layers of the gsm protocol stack. Although 3g umts uses a totally different radio access standard, the core network is the same as that used for gprs and edge to carry separate circuit switched voice and packet data. The majority of these will be served by wcdmahspa and lte. Wcdma common pilot power control for load and coverage balancing. Pdf wcdma air interface student book lzt 123 7279 r4a. Below is a link to a recent presentation i made to the local ieee ottawa chapter and the alliance of ieee consultants network aicn. Provides opensource hardware and software wireless technology platforms target innovation in airinterface technologies through experimentation we rely on the help of publiclyfunded research initiatives anr,ict,celtic direct contracts with industrial partners. Enlzt 123 7279 r4a 7 wcdma air interface intentionally blank 8 enlzt 123 7279. Wcdma common pilot power control for load and coverage. The protocols used in the air interface, from the viewpoint. Designing 5g nr unified air interface 5g new radio.

Lte air interface protocols artech house mobile communications library 9781608072019. The solution will support connectivity from 4g and 5g devices over the sliced network to applications running in private and public clouds and will be available this summer. The access to these services is through the use of a transport channel via the mac sublayer. Key features of lte lte uses adaptive modulation and coding lte uses advanced mimo spatial multiplexing techniques lte supports both fdd and tdd lte offers scalable bandwidths. Lucent technologies proprietary 2 objectives describe the requirements and drivers behinds the wcdma air interface. Andreas willig gsm channel access procedure fdma frequency division multiple access basic idea. Wcdma air interface course gives the detailed description of the wcdma fdd technology and its use in the umts network. A modified version of eutran air interface uu is defined. Receivers with advanced ic algorithms can significantly improve the system performance. For other wideband cdma proposals it can be written as w zeon pdf driver trialcdma.

The place for air interface how 4g works howstuffworks. It is a complete set of specifications in which a detailed protocol defines how a mobile phone communicates with the base station or nodeb. The air interface involves both the physical and data link layers layer 1 and 2 of the osi model for a connection. The course starts with basic structure of lte air interface.

Layer 2 consists of medium access control mac radio link control rlc the broadcast multicast control bmc packet data convergence protocol pdcp 3. Transition from log file to network topology table. Sadowsky general dynamics c4 systems 8201 east mcdowell road, md h2171 scottsdale, az 85257 480 441 1534 email protected abstract wcdma is a 3rd generation wireless communication system developed for terrestrial cellular systems. Openairltephysimul last edited by raphael defosseux apr 16, 2019. Overview of lte radio interface and radio network architecture for high speed, high capacity and low latency. Performance of tcp over umts common and dedicated channels. Written by experienced researchers and professionals, lteadvanced air interface technology thoroughly covers the performance targets and technology components studied by 3gpp for lteadvanced. Wcdma, radio network controller, handover, troubleshooting. Opportunities are at hand for professionals eager to learn and apply the latest theories and practices in air interface technologies.

Licensing the oai software packages used to deploy an operators core network, the enhanced packet core or epc, are collectively known as openaircn while the access network software for base stations and. The projects are created with the goal of furthering these strategic areas within the alliance and making sure the output of the project is merged back with the main repository at some point. The universal mobile telecommunications system umts air interface has been designed to be flexible enough to transport a wide range of traffic types, each with different quality of service qos requirements, in realworld radio conditions. Besides being an explanatory text about lteadvanced air interface. Pkzip, used to compress files in the computer industry uses a 32bit. Wcdma is the most widely adopted air interface standard for third generation 3g mobile networks. A flexible platform for 5g research navid nikaein, mahesh k. The air interface is the radiobased communication link between the mobile station and the active base station.

A conventional single user matched filter receiver is strictly suboptimal in terms of capacity. Lte air interface is 3gpps long term evolution lte plan for current umtshspa based 3gpp networks. Lucent technologies proprietary 1 w cdma air interface fundamentals prepared by. The physical layer has interface to both mac and rrc sublayer. Pdf broadband global area network air interface evolution. It is also a requirement to have usb3pcie on a pc which interfaces with sdr platforms usrp, bladerf, exmimo and limesdr. Designing 5g nr unified air interface january 2, 2017 january 2, 2017 members of the 5g team at qualcomm research describe how they are designing a 5g unified air interface that will meet the significantly expanded connectivity needs of the next decade and beyond. Marinay, saravana manickamy, alex dawsony, raymond knopp, christian bonnet eurecom ythe university of edinburgh sophia antipolis, france edinburgh, united kingdom this article is an editorial note submitted to ccr. This course is provides indepth understanding of lte air interface known as eutra. Wcdma ran w15 protocols and procedures 5 days, lzu1089950. It is called um because it is the mobile analog to the u interface of isdn. The mobile user objective system muos is a geosatellite communications system derived from the terrestrial cellular wcdma air interface. Lowest layer in this interface is physical layer, phy. If youve ever seen a smartphone commercial commence scoffing, youve seen the acronyms for various air interfaces, such as 4g lte, wimax worldwide interoperability for microwave access.

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