French language pronunciation of alphabets audio audiobooks

The vowel sounds in the french letters are switched g being jhay, and j being jhee. Below is an audio guide to the pronunciation of the letters of the french alphabet. Pronounce the french alphabet with phonetic and english. Listen and repeat as often as possible until you are sure that you have mastered the alphabet. Buy french language tutorial for more french learning through authentic videos, i recommend yabla french and fluentu. First, both c and g in spanish, as in english, have a hard and a soft sound, depending on the vowel that follows. Unique audiobooks for learning french french today.

In this lesson, well learn how to pronounce the french alphabet, as well as discuss differences and. It takes listening and practice to see a word and say it correctly. The french alphabet is the same as the english one but not all letters are pronounced the same way, and some letters can have accents, which change the way they are pronounced. Learn how to pronounce the letters of the french alphabet. Words are not spelled the way we might pronounce them in english. Did it take a while to really understand the sound of each letter. The beginners guide to the french alphabet with audio. The french letters g and j are pronounced with a soft jhay sound similar to the s in asia. Abc french board book presents a simple word for every letter. The best way to learn the sounds and pronunciation of the alphabet in french is to listen to the audio file and repeat out aloud all the letters that you hear. Youll find helpful tips on pronouncing french in all units of french steps. Learning a language is a very difficult task for me i am dyslexic and in my late 60s. A guide to french pronunciation the linguist on language.

All french todays audiobooks are downloadable via our free mac osx, windows, ios and android apps to learn on the go. The alphabet is often considered the foundation of a language, and many foreignlanguage learning programs start students off by learning it. French lesson 1 learn the french alphabet pronunciation alphabet francais alfabeto frances duration. I think acquiring good french pronunciation is one of the challenges that french learners face, and so i would like to offer a few suggestions. There are transcripts in english and phonetic alphabet to help with learning. For audiobooks and lessons of modern french, try french today. For each letter, well give you the isolated french alphabet sound with a. In reality, learning the french alphabet can be useful, but its not going to help you make conversation or expand your vocabulary. Unique audiobooks for learning french learn french gradually and naturally with french todays french audiobook.

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